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Student Programs

A passion for exploration can bring about innovation.

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Student Programs

The high performers. The challengers. The insatiably curious risk-taking brainiacs who have compassion for the world around them. These are the people of UnitedHealth Group. Individuals and teams who know that their work works to change the lives of others. A career here is always rewarding and rarely easy. Join us and begin your life’s best work.SM

 Susan S


Here you'll find an accelerated actuarial development program to support you in your continuing post-graduate education and certification. Our program for college hires combines the challenge and experience needed to ignite your career.

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Iris L

Finance and Accounting

Our program for college hires will have you working side by side with some of the most dynamic, intelligent and results driven people on earth.

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Claudio B

Consulting Development Program

Join the team that is making the business of health care smarter, healthier, and more impactful. If you want a future in health care consulting, you want to be in this program.

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Uday T

Masters Programs

As you start to shift your focus from the classroom to the marketplace, we offer you the rarest of opportunities. Step in, gear up and bring us your ideas on how health care can work better for more people.

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 Himadhari S

Sales and Marketing

We’re adding consumer marketers to drive our brand as we reinvent our industry. As a marketing intern here, you’ll be exposed to meaningful work, strategic thinking and business discipline.

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We have modest goals: Help 85 million people live healthier lives. Change the landscape of health care forever. Leave the world a better place than we found it. Such aspirations attract a certain type of person. Crazy talented. Brilliant. Compassionate. Driven. You’ll find these people everywhere you turn here.

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 Oswald P

Technology Development Program

Not the best in health care IT. The best in IT. 75 million people count on it. Our program for college hires combines the challenge and experience needed to ignite your career.

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Human Capital Program

You have ambition that can't be held down. We have ideas that can't be held back. Together we can take global health care solutions to a new level. Find out more here about us and the future we're building.

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