Why Work Here

Improve the lives of others while doing your life's best work.SM

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Why Work Here

To make a bigger difference first set a bigger goal.

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The high performers. The challengers. The insatiably curious risk-taking brainiacs who have compassion for the world around them. These are the people of UnitedHealth Group. Individuals and teams who know that their work works to change the lives of others. A career here is always rewarding and rarely easy. Join us and begin your life’s best work.SM



Corporate Fast Facts

Get a quick overview of UnitedHealth Group, including our family of businesses and our community focus.

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Our Businesses

Through our family of businesses, you'll work to make health care better for more people, in more ways than ever.

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Our Affiliates

Our affiliates draw from an empowered physician model which allows them to focus on quality care delivery.

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Our Locations

From Minneapolis to Brazil to telecommuting opportunities, find challenging career opportunities no matter what.

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Top 7 Reasons

You have your own reasons for wanting to work here. But here are a few incentives we think are pretty compelling.

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Rewards and Benefits

At UnitedHealth Group you’ll find more choices and better flexibility to tailor your benefits to fit your needs.

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Mission and Values

You can tell a lot about a company by its mission and values. See if what’s important to us is important to you.

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Our Work Environment

You’ll be using your head. You’ll be using your heart. And you’ll be rewarded with greater opportunity than you can imagine.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Our broad range of talents, personalities and experiences makes us each more effective and drives customer satisfaction along with business success.

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Meet Our People

Smart. Dedicated. Inventive. The #1 reason people like working here is because of the caliber of the people they work with.

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Awards & Recognition

At UnitedHealth Group, our work impacts millions of people, in dozens of ways. We are making a difference with better ideas, and there is no limit to where we can go.

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